We are committed to building a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Simple Recipes = Good Food

Our menu is full of fresh, nourishing ingredients to keep your belly happy and put a smile on your face. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality foods and use non-invasive cooking techniques to keep produce looking and tasting great.


The Avo-Community

We know that good food and happy communities go hand-in-hand, which is why we strive to create an open and welcoming environment in our shops. We believe in a better way to feed ourselves and we encourage our dedicated Avo Lovers to embrace healthy, feel-good lifestyles!

Video produced by Sam Wells for  Chef's Roll


Social Responsibility

At Avocaderia, we believe that social responsibility is tantamount to a healthy lifestyle. We endeavor to work solely with suppliers respectful of the environment and the rights of their employees, and are proud to offer our customers a carefully curated menu consisting of locally sourced and sustainable produce whenever possible.

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